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Hi! I’ve collected many links for English speakers who want to learn Portuguese online free. I’ve put some of my highly recommended websites at the top of the list.

Bons estudos!

Dave Kinskey
Minnesota, USA


Duolingo.com link and logo www.duolingo.com is fun and easy, and it’s 100% FREE for learning languages, including Portuguese. Besides the website version, there is a free app for smartphones, so you can switch between doing lessons on your computer and your iPhone or Android smartphone. DuoLingo will also test your pronunciation when you record phrases.

Polly Lingual logo and website linkOn Polly Lingual’s website and apps, you can learn many languages. To try out any of the language courses, it’s free to take some of the first lessons for beginners. Although Polly Lingual is not 100% free (only the first lessons for beginners are free), a subscription costs only $9.99 per year. It’s worth it! On Polly Lingual, you have access to all lessons for Portuguese and many other languages, using either the website or the free apps for Android,  iPhone or iPad. You can see all the available languages on Polly Lingual’s home page, and try them out: pollylingu.al/. The lessons have audio from native speakers, and I really like the teaching method. Lessons are short and easy to do. This page explains the features and benefits of a paying for a “Polly Passport” subscription: pollylingu.al/en/passport.

www.busuu.com/enc/ has a good variety of free lessons at the beginning level, but you need a “Premium” subscription to get full access to all lessons at any level or to submit audio lessons. Even with a free account, you can review people’s audio submission, but only with 10 seconds of your own audio. CHAT! There is a nice chat function, even for a free account, so you can chat with text, audio or video with international friends. You can only choose to learn the beginning levels of ONE language free of charge, so to learn another language, you need to create a second account with a different e-mail address.

BrazilPod logo and link www.coerll.utexas.edu/brazilpod is produced by the University of Texas at Austin by the Spanish and Portuguese language department. “Conversa Brasileira” has 100’s of  interactive video clips people conversing in Brazilian Portuguese. You can activate subtitles in Portuguese and/or English or listen with no subtitles at first to check your comprehension. There are also “pop-ups” (you can turn off” the pop-ups) which are links to further explanations of a word or a phrase in the dialogue, with both written and audio explanations. It’s well done and the audio quality of the video conversations is very good. You can watch 100’s more video clips in the section called “Portuguese Communication Exercises.” The section “Clica Brasil” has a series of free lessons for intermediate level students. The videos in this section also say where each speaker in Brazil, so you can start to notice differences in regional accents, too!

StreetSmartBrazil.com logo

StreetSmartBrazil.com‘s blog has many free language and cultural lessons which include videos and written lessons. The lessons are taught by a native Brazilian, Luciana Lage, who teaches at a university in the USA. You can also browse video lessons on the site’s YouTube channel at http://streetsmartbrazil.com/blog/

EasyPortuguese/com logo and link http://www.easyportuguese.com has free Portuguese lessons, vocabulary, and phrases with audio recordings. It’s a very good site!


Learn-Portuguese-Now-iconwww.learn-portuguese-now.com has many free, interactive lessons and quizzes with audio, plus videos with transcriptions and other learning resources.  Learn the pronunciation of sounds in Portuguese with audio recordings in this section of the site: www.learn-portuguese-now.com/brazilian-portuguese-pronunciation.html.

BrazilPodClass.com link and logo http://www.brazilianpodclass.com is great for listening to free, weekly Portuguese lessons, including a transcription of the podcast. The teacher repeats everything she says in both English and Portuguese.  Click “Older entries” below the podcast on the main page to listen to past episodes and read the transcripts. There are also some additional, paid options on the site, such as “learning guides”, but the podcasts and transcripts are 100% free.

Logo - Falando Nisso com Andrea Maia

Falando Nisso com Andressa Maia

For English speakers learning Brazilian Portuguese, Andressa Maia’s YouTube channel is excellent. She’s a great teacher, explains things clearly with good examples, and includes many helpful subtitles in her lessons. She speaks English very well overall in her videos, and is from Rio de Janeiro. I highly recommend her channel!



WordReference.com logo and link http://www.wordreference.com is a tremendous language translation dictionary and so far, my favorite. It translates words between many languages, plus includes definitions and examples of word usage in both languages, which helps you understand if it’s the correct word or not. Most of the words also have audio recordings to hear the pronunciation. I highly recommend this site as a regular tool for language learning.

PortugueseDictionary.net Very good Englsh-Portuguese translation dictionary.

michaelis.uol.com.br/moderno/portugues/index.php   Excellent dictionary written only in Portuguese.

www.priberam.pt/dlpo/Default.aspx  Dicionário Priberam da Língua Portuguesa is an excellent dictionary written only in Portuguese.

www.dicionarioinformal.com.br Slang Dictionary / Diccionário de girias. This is the Brazilian equivalent of “The Urban Dictionary,” with definitions written by the public, which is very helpful with slang words, but it’s possible some people may put silly or inaccurate definitions.

www.sinonimos.com.br – A dictionary of synonyms in Brazilian Portuguese with more the 30,000 words and expressions.


imTranslator translate logo and link http://www.imtranslator.net does translation of various languages and text-to-voice, which reads the phrases aloud. This part of the site will translate text and also speak the text. I like it better than Google’s Translator because the speech sounds less mechanical.

Under the blue bar which says “Translate and Speak”, Choose the original language (the default is English … click the dropdown menu “Translate” to choose another language. Then choose “to:” the other language into which you want the text to be translated. You can also choose the speed of the audio being spoken. After putting text in the box, click on the large, blue bar above the box which says “Translate & Speak” (male). To replay it, click the “play” triangle in the tape recorder style control buttons. You can change the speed, and it will reload the translation with the new speed. If you only want to hear the pronunciation of text, uncheck the box for “Translate” and simply choose the language in which the text is written.

COMPARE TRANSLATIONS: imtranslator.net/compare/ is the part of the site which will translate the text using three or four translators, such as Google, Microsoft, Prompt, and Babylon. Check the box which says “Back Translation”, too. Then each phrase will “back translate” to the original language, which also helps you to determine if the translation is likely to be accurate or at least choose the translation which you feel is most accurate.

Google Translate link and logo https://translate.google.com/ Although Google Translator makes many mistakes in translations, the translator usually pronounces Portuguese and most very well. You need to choose the languages, insert the text, and then click the icon of the speaker to listen to the text.

Verb Conjugator – www.conjugacao.com.br


SUGGESTED SINGERS AND GROUPS:  Adriana Calcanhotto, Vanessa da Mata, Marissa Monte, Ana Caroline, Caetano Veloso, Djavan, Eduardo Costa, Ivete Sangalo, Daniela Mercury, Kid Abelha, Pitty, Legião Urbana, Luan Santana, Paula Fernandes, Rita Lee, Roberta Sá, Tribalistas.
Letras.mus.br logo and link  letras.mus.br – I love this site! It has many songs and the lyrics for the songs. It’s a Brazilian website and most of the songs are in Portuguese, but you can also listen to and read lyrics for songs in other languages, too, including English, Spanish, and Italian, for instance. Listening to music while reading the lyrics is a fun way to learn the language. It’s easier to understand the language when you listen to slower, romantic songs, but you’ll also want to listen to other styles, such as Axé, which has LOTS of rhythm, drums, and vocal energy. You can search by artist or song titles. The artists are organized alphabetically, but note that you need to find individual singers using the first letter of the singer’s first name (not the person’s last name / surname) . Here are just a few wonderful Brazilian singers. Adriana Calcanhotto, Vanessa da Mata, Marissa Monte, Ana Caroline, Caetano Veloso, Djavan, Eduardo Costa, Ivete Sangalo, Daniela Mercury, Kid Abelha, Pitty, Legião Urbana, Luan Santana, Paula Fernandes, Rita Lee, Roberta Sá, Tribalistas.

Pandora http://www.Pandora.com and its free app have free streaming music. You can choose a Brazilian singer, for example, and it will create a “channel” for you with songs by that singer and other similar singers or groups. Some songs also have the lyrics available.

Spotify www.spotify.com  Spotify’s free app for smartphones and computers has a great variety of artists available in streaming music. You can search for Brazilian or Portuguese singers and groups by name, and then create “radio stations” that play music by the artist and other similar artis.


Brazilian news – g1.globo.com – Click the menu for many choices of written articles, TV news videos and much more.

Brazilian Soap Operas: tvg.globo.com/novelas/morde-e-assopra/videos/v/cena-2707-padre-francisco-e-melissa-ficam-desnorteados/1578194/





Brazilian Talk Radio – tunein.com/radio/Brazilian-Talk-g335/ (Note: TuneIn.com also has many other types of music and news in many languages)





www.jango.com has music from lots of artists in many languages, including Portuguese. Choose a famous artist or genre and start listening!

www.live365.com/ has many radio stations from around the world. To listen to Brazilian Portuguese, under genres, choose “Brazilian” or “South American”.


www.world-english.org (in English) This site has many interactive tests, in addition to many lessons.

multilingualbooks.com/freelessons-portuguese.html This page has a long list of websites and resources to learn Portuguese. Some are already in my list, but other sites are not.


Babel Nation – www.babelnation.com/portuguese/courses/index.html has free audio lessons in beginning Portuguese. BabelNation has many language resources for Portuguese and other languages.

www.learningportuguese.co.uk/index.php – This site has many free lessons and other resources.

Learn Portuguese With Rafa – www.learn-portuguese-with-rafa.com

A grammar of spoken Brazilian Portuguese – Google Books

Pronouncing the -ão in Brazilian Portuguese « Portuguese Blog

Portuguese Words and Phrases | e Language School

Brazilian Portuguese Grammar

Portuguese phrasebook – Wikitravel

Pequeno Manual de Pontuação em Português
• The Tiny Manual of Portuguese Punctuation by José Augusto Carvalho (written in Portuguese)
• Pequeno Manual de Pontuação em Português, de José Augusto Carvalho

Introduction: cronopios.com.br/V1/cronopios_responsive/content.php?artigo=10971&portal=cronopios

Pequeno Manual de Pontuação em Português, Parte 1 – cronopios.com.br/V1/cronopios_responsive/content.php?artigo=10972&categoriaid=1

Pequeno Manual de Pontuação em Português, Parte 2 – cronopios.com.br/V1/cronopios_responsive/content.php?artigo=10980&categoriaid=1

Pequeno Manual de Pontuação em Português, Parte 3 – cronopios.com.br/V1/cronopios_responsive/content.php?artigo=10989&categoriaid=1

Pequeno Manual de Pontuação em Português, Parte 4 – cronopios.com.br/V1/cronopios_responsive/content.php?artigo=10998&categoriaid=1

Pequeno Manual de Pontuação em Português, Parte 5 – cronopios.com.br/V1/cronopios_responsive/content.php?artigo=11013&categoriaid=1

Pequeno Manual de Pontuação em Português, Parte 6 – cronopios.com.br/V1/cronopios_responsive/content.php?artigo=11016&categoriaid=1

Pequeno Manual de Pontuação em Português, Parte 7 – cronopios.com.br/V1/cronopios_responsive/content.php?artigo=11027&categoriaid=1

Pequeno Manual de Pontuação em Português, Parte 8 – cronopios.com.br/V1/cronopios_responsive/content.php?artigo=11039&categoriaid=1

Pequeno Manual de Pontuação em Português, Parte 9 – cronopios.com.br/V1/cronopios_responsive/content.php?artigo=11058&categoriaid=1

The Portuguese Past Participle

Português para estrangeiros: Gramática básica – Basic Portuguese grammar for foreigners. This site is entirely in Portuguese.

Portuguese Words and Phrases | e Language School

Verb conjugationVerbix.com

Tricky Brazilian Portuguese Verbs/BLOG

Portuguese diction and translations | Michaelis – UOL


Compare Audio Recordings of Different Portuguese Accents and Vocabulary
-Listen to dozens recordings and compare the accents of Portuguese speakers from various regions of Brazil, Portugal, Angola, and even the Azores. All of the recordings are of the same paragraph of text in Portuguese to make it easier to directly compare differences in their accents.

A wonderful, 5-part video series in Portuguese about the rich variety of regional accents and vocabulary in Brazil:

Differences between the Portuguese language in Portugal and Brazil:

Portuguese lessons-gracielilisboa – YouTube

Gracieli – portuguese4englishspeakers.weebly.com

PortuguesePod101 – Learn Portuguese online. With our podcast, learning Portuguese is easy. | PortuguesePod101.com

Só Português-Plural com Mudança de Timbre

Hacking Portuguese

Estudando e Aprendendo | Português – Gramática

Portuguese pronunciation – Fonética & Fonologia – Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Brazilian portuguese study sets and study tools | Quizlet

Só Português – Portal da Língua Portuguesa

Português é Massa | Portuguese for Foreigners

Tempos do Subjuntivo – Só Português

Luis Kiari – Quando fui chuva – YouTube

www.dicio.com.br/ – Dicionário Online de Português

The Most Important Portuguese Phrases to Learn

Periodistas-es.com | Periodistas en Español

AudioKiosko, podcast, radio, mp3 y más – iVoox

Un Poeta Nocturno.

Kboing Músicas para Ouvir – Radio OnLine

Brazilian Portuguese phrasebook – Wikitravel

BrazilianPodClass – Learn Brazilian Portuguese

YouTube – LearnPortugueseNow’s Channel

Pronunciation of Brazilian Portuguese Online ++

Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation – Let’s Break the Sound Barrier!

BabelNation.com – Portuguese lessions


Portuguese / Portugual style – not Brazil

Learn Portuguese Online: Quick Grammar Reference

Learn the Basics of the Portuguese Language | e Language School

Cartões, postais TuaParada.com


NEWS – G1 – O portal de notícias da Globo

Passa o tempo e aprende – Jogos de Língua Portuguesa

Dicionário Priberam da Língua Portuguesa

Corrector ortográfico e sintáctico – FLiP

FLiP – Tradução de correr

Inglés Mundial-Cursos de Inglés Gratis

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Jamanta – Pousada e Operadora de mergulho -Resort where Mónica will stay in Brazil.

Gringoes.com – Present subjunctive

When to NOT(!) use the Subjunctive | On Learning Brazilian Portuguese

Centro Virtual Camões

MyUS.com – #1 International Shipping, Mail and Package Consolidation Service – MyUS.com

Os cem erros mais comuns da língua portuguesa

Portuguese words and phrases – www.elanguageschool.net/portuguese/words-phrases (ELanguages School)

Electronic Greeting Cards – tuaparada.tuparada.com has some free e-cards in Portuguese and others which you can buy.

Portuguese Travel Phrase Book – wikitravel.org/en/Portuguese_phrasebook#b