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  • Я ГОВОРЮ ПО-РУССКИВыбирите свой родной язык здесь или в меню навигации и вы сможете ознакомиться с перечнем ссылок на бесплатные ресурсы, позволяющие изучать английский язык в Интернете.

LYNX (lɪŋks):

Any of three species of short-tailed forest cat (genus Lynx) found in Europe, Asia, and northern North America.  The lynx has long legs, large paws, tufted ears, hairy soles, and a broad, short head. Its coat, which forms a bushy ruff on the neck, is tawny to cream-colored and mottled with brown and black.
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LINKS (lɪŋks):

[Plural of link] Identifiers attached to an element (as an index term) in a system in order to indicate or permit connection with other similarly identified elements; especially: one (as a hyperlink) in a computer file.
© 2014 Merriam-Webster, Inc.
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